Love Irish Music? Suggest a Long Lost Song

We’re sorry, this contest has expired. is proud to announce we have a brand new contest for the month of February.

In celebration of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration, we’re on the hunt for long lost Irish songs and we need your help.

Simply suggest an Irish song that we do not have digital sheet music for on in the comments below. If we add sheet music for your song by St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll win a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to our online store! You can use the gift certificate to purchase anything you need including: Irish sheet music, Guitar Guru Sessions, movie sheet music and much, much more!

Our Suggest an Irish Song Contest starts today and will run through midnight on Sunday, February 28th, 2010.

We’d like to present you with a few contest rules for our Suggest an Irish Song Contest. They are:

1. Where to Recommend Your Song:

    You must post your song suggestion with a title, composer and/or performer (if it’s a traditional piece, just say “traditional”) as a comment on this blog post with a valid email address. Any other requests will not be considered as part of this contest. The valid email address will only be used to notify you if you won a gift certificate, and is not publicly displayed when you comment on our blog.

2. What Songs We Will/Will Not Consider:

    We will consider any song suggestion related to Irish music. In order to be considered for the contest, the song that you recommend must not be currently available on in digital sheet music format.

3. How Winners Will be Notified: will review entries and award the gift certificates by March 17, 2010. Songs recommended will be added to the site by March 17, 2010.

We will notify you via email if you have won. Please be advised that only entries made from now through February 28th, 2009 are eligible for the contest.

To avoid confusion, winners will also be awarded on a first-come/first-serve basis. In other words, if two people request the same song, we will award the certificate to the first commenter with a valid email address. You may enter as many times as you like for your chance to win. No purchase necessary.

Please note: During our previous contest, we received several entries for arrangements of songs we already had on in digital sheet music format. Please be aware that only new songs are being considered for the contest.

Simply think of an Irish song, then search to ensure that we don’t have already have it. To enter, recommend the title, composer and/or performer in the comments below for your chance to win!

Be sure to stop back or bookmark the page and check the comments, too!

Irish Sheet Music for Your Songs

Thank you for taking the time to enter song suggestions into our contest. We really appreciate all your entries and have many to go through. Many of you pointed out that a folk song can have several names, and we did see quite a few variations of song titles in your requests. For example, An Irish Lullaby is also known as Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral.

A few of these songs, like Only If… by Enya, may not be visible in your country. While we do everything we can to ensure that songs are available worldwide, sometimes we can’t due to copyright restrictions.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a song suggestion for our contest. Any entries received after February 28, 2010 will be disqualified. Stay tuned for new Irish music!

The following songs are not eligible for the contest, because we already have sheet music for them on

An Irish Blessing
An Irish Lullaby
Anywhere Is
At the Mid Hour of the Night
Barb’ry Allen
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Black is the Colour
Black is the Colour (of my true loves hair)
Chistmas In Killarney
Cockles And Mussels
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens
Danny Boy
Do you want your old lobby washed down?
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
Eleanor Plunkett
Finnegan’s Wake
Forgiven Not Forgotten
Galway Bay
Galway Races
Holy Ground
I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen
I’ll Tell Me Ma
I’m A Rover And Seldom Sober
If You’re Irish
If You’re Irish Come Into The Parlor
Isle Of Innisfree
Isn’t It Grand Boys
Langstrom’s Pony
Little town in the old County Down
Look to the Rainbow from FINIAN’S RAINBOW
MacNamara’s Band
Molly Malone
Mountains Of Mourne
Musical Priest
My Irish Molly
My Singing Bird
My Wild Irish Rose
Only If…
Only Our Rivers Run Free
Out on the Ocean
Planxty Irwin
Pretty Girl Milking a Cow
Red is the Rose
Road to Lisdoonvarna
Rocky Road to Dublin
She Moved through the Fair
Siúil a Rún
Soldiers’ Joy
Spinning Wheel
Star Of The County Down
That’s An Irish Lullaby
The Bonny Swans
The Briar & The Rose
The Fields of Athenrye
The Irish Rover
The Mason’s Apron
The Parting Glass
The Patriot Game
The Rising of the Moon
The Rose of Tralee
The Sailor’s Hornpipe
The Spanish Lady
The Star of County Down
The Voice
The Water is Wide
The Wild Rover/The Unicorn
Toss the Feathers
Walking in the Air
Wearin’ O the Green
When Irish Eyes are Smilin’
Whiskey In The Jar
Whistlin’ Gypsy
Who Threw The Overalls in Mistress Murphy’s Chowder?
Wild Mountain Thyme
Women of Ireland

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  1. You must add “Flogging Molly” any of there songs will do! But “If I ever leave this world alive”.

  2. Ray

    Farewell to Ireland – Traditional

  3. Lori Wagner

    Four Green Fields
    I believe Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy are the most popular singers of this song but it’s a traditional song as well.

  4. Hi!
    Ive searched for this song and you don’t have it:
    The Hills of Connemara
    – a traditional Irish ballad.

  5. Heidi

    Here are a few pieces that I could not find on the website:

    An Emigrant’s Daughter
    Báidín Fheilimí (‘Feilimí’s little boat’)
    Bonnie Kellswater
    Bridgit O’Malley (my favorite of the list)
    Happy Birthday From Ireland, by Marc Gunn
    Health to the Company
    I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen
    Lakes of Pontchartrain
    Lish Young Buy-A-Broom
    Old Dun Cow, by Harry Wincott
    Paddy McCollough , by Marc Gunn and Gunn McKee
    The Maid Who Sold Her Barley
    The Irish Emigrant
    The Jolly Beggar
    The Night Paddy Murphy Died
    The Old Fenian Gun, by P. O’Neill
    The Tinkerman’s Daughter, by Michael McConnel
    The Verdant Braes Of Skreen
    When She Held Me In Her Arms, by Marc Gunn

    All are traditional tunes, unless otherwise noted.

  6. Brandon Randall

    Only If… by Enya.

    She’s Irish and this specific song of hers didn’t come up in a search…and it’s one of her best, I think. :)

  7. Ken

    The Unicorn Song by The Irish Rovers

    • Ray

      Heh The Unicorn Song would be awesome!

  8. Laura

    I still like : When Irish Eyes are Smilin’

  9. Crystal Snaza

    An Irish Lullaby
    As I roved out
    Green Grow the lilacs
    Boys Of Killy begs – O’Brien, Dermot
    Noreen Bawn – Curtin, D.J.
    I’ll Tell Me Ma – Clancy Brothers
    Song For Ireland – Delaney, Marji
    Mayo Mountains – McCaffrey, Frank
    Boulavogue – Bowyer, Brendan
    My Heart’s In Donegal – Lynch, Lee
    Raglan Road – O’Callaghan, Deirdre
    Whiskey In The Jar – Carroll, Frankie
    Lovely Leitrim – Glenn, John
    Only Her Rivers Run Free – Hamill Sisters
    My Irish Molly – Durkin, Kathy
    Limerick You’re A Lady – Allen, Dennis
    Take Me Back To Castlebar – Brier
    When Irish Eyes Are Smilin’ – Hughes, Tony
    Craic Was 90 – Fiddlers’ Green
    Among The Wicklow Hills – Two’s Company (1)
    Old Dungarvan Oak – Duncan, Hugo
    My Dublin Bay – Knowles, Sonny
    Music Man – Carroll, Doc ; Seamus Shannon
    Ring Your Mother Wore – Simpson, Mary
    Road By The River – Dallas, T.R.
    Rosie Up In Moore St – Dunphy, Sean
    Slieve Galleon Braes – Cassidys
    Do You Want Your Ol’ Lobby Washed Down – Patrice
    Dublin By The Liffey – Boru
    Maggie – Oregin, Kate
    Back To Castleblaney – McKenna, Vivian
    Whistlin’ Gypsy – Moonshine
    My Ireland – Murray, Joe
    Star Of The Co Down – Blackthorn (1)
    Plains Of Sweet Kildare – Ryan, Pat
    McAlpines Fusilliers – Carty, Danny
    Irish Air – Caesar, Padigeen
    Shakes Hands With Your Uncle Mick – Quinn, Carmel
    Mary From Dungloe – Music Box (1)
    Carrickmacross On A Cold Winters Night – Outlaws (3)
    Road To Mallinmore – Gallagher, Bridie
    Leavin’ Of Liverpool – TriAxle
    Come Home Danny Boy – McGee, Seamus
    Mermaid – Poitin
    Mountains Of Mourne – Winkles, Jackie
    Gentle Mother – Dan The Street Singer
    Isle Of Innisfree – Aine
    Bold O’Donaughoe – Clanrye Folk
    Shades Of Green – McBride, Frankie
    Danny Boy – Eager, David
    Irish Harvest Day – Crawleys
    Doonaree – Sister Marie
    Four Green Fields – Paddy, Hyland

  10. Joy Bird

    I agree with Brandon! I think Enya counts, since she’s Irish. I would like to see “Only If” and “Anywhere Is” by Enya.

  11. Lindsay

    Ireland’s Call
    Brother’s in Arms
    Christmas 1915
    Tamlin/Farewell to Ireland- Daideo and the Blue Mosquitoes
    Myth in the Music- Siofra Kilroy and Composer Joe Thoma
    Neainsin Bhan- traditional

    all by Celtic Thunder unless noted elswhere

  12. Patricia

    An Gréasai Bróg – traditional

  13. Laurelle

    Heard once but never found it:- As long as the Shamrock is green.
    Presume it to be Traditional.

  14. Rachel

    Gartan Mother’s Lullaby (by Seosamh Mac Cathmhaoil if you trust Wikipedia)
    I Love My Love in the Morning (traditional, Kim Robertson, harpist, has a great arrangement of this tune in one of her books)

  15. Marissa

    Nil S’en La as done by Celtic Woman
    My Lagan Love as done by Celtic Woman

  16. Devon McNickles

    The Coast of Galiçia – Celtic Woman
    Granuaile’s Dance – Celtic Woman
    The Pacific Slope – Celtic Woman
    Duelling Strings – Ronan Hardiman
    Spirits Lament – Ronan Hardiman

  17. James

    How about:

    The Fields of Athenrye- writen by Pete st. john
    No mans land (aka The green Fields of France, willie mcbride)written by Eric Bogle, made famous by the The Furey Brothers

  18. Patti Kinsella

    Please enter in contest
    ” The Hills of Yesterday”
    (from film The Molly Maguires)
    Music by : Henry Mancini
    Words by: Paul Francis Webster

    written in 1970

    I sing it in all my Irish shows

    Patti Kinsella

  19. Jane

    please consider Raglan Road –it is one of the most hauntingly beautiful Irish balleds –words originally from a poem (Patrick kavanagh I think is author ) and one of my dads favourite songs . If you include it please do so for piano as well as guitar –I can sing it but am learning piano and would love to be able to play it for my mum next time I go home to Belfast as she knows my father loved it -the other beautiful song would be Lagan love –great switch to a minor key and that was their anniversary song Thanks -great idea

  20. Marcelle Bess

    One of my favorite Irish songs that my grandmother sang to me, and I have sung to all of my children and now grand children is “My Wild Irish Rose”.

  21. Maebh

    Paidir na Trionóide – a beautiful piece by Liam Lawton I think!

  22. Eadaoin Delaney

    “There Is an Isle” a song which I think could very well be suitable as the National Anthem. It’s very moving. It is sung by a beautiful soprano, Suzanne Murphy and the line where she sings ‘because it is my native land, and my home, my home is there” , would send shivers down your spine. The lyrics of the song are a Scottish poem, which was put to music in 1924 by Limerick schoolteacher Anna Maria Lynch. If you do not do anything else today, you should source this and have a listen.

  23. Aine

    Sonny – as sung by Mary Black – it’s a beautiful extra track on the first “A Woman’s Heart” Album

  24. Andrew Stevens

    Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids

    Written by: Brendan Graham

    Performed by: Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan

    The Irish Entry & Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1994

  25. The Irish Rover is a rousing Irish song which you always hear on Paddys Day.

    I also think the main Riverdance theme is a contemporary tune which identifies a new Ireland.

  26. phil woodford

    (dont know the composer of this one – only the lyrics)

    If your irish come into the parlour
    there’s a welcome here for you
    if your name is Timothy or Pat
    as long as you come from ireland
    there’s a welcome on the mat
    if you come from the mountains of mourne
    or killarney’s lakes of blue
    if your irish this is the place for you

    dont know anymore!

    • Monica

      Hi Phil,

      The song that you’re thinking of is “If You’re Irish” by The Irish Rovers.

  27. Sara

    Fiery Nights by Ronan Hardiman.

  28. PeterOC

    Galway To Graceland, by Richard Thompson.
    And if possible, please stay true to his version as (in my opinion) it is by far the best of the many versions that are out there. Thanks

  29. Susan

    You don’t have “A Touch of the Irish” from “Meet Me in St. Louis.” While not a traditional Irish song, it certainly gives a feel of Irish music.

  30. Jill Jeffery

    Please consider “Wild Mountain Thyme”, a traditional song found in an old Judy Collins songbook. It starts off a capella, then adds background of piano or guitar.

    Lyric—“For the summer time is coming and the birds are sweetly singing, and the wild mountain thyme blooms around the purple heather. Shall we go, laddy, go?, And we’ll all go together to pick wild mountain thyme all around the purple heather. Shall we go, laddy, go?”.

  31. Mary Kay Davis

    In the Gloaming – Traditional

  32. Amber McVeigh

    Quiet Land of Erin (traditional)

  33. DotRot

    The Orange and the Green (by the Irish Rovers and many others)

  34. Katie F

    Love You Till the End by The Pogues…was in 2 films, Mystery, Alaska, and more recently, P.S. I Love You. It’s beautiful for guitar and piano!!!

  35. kurtis Reif

    My Wild Irish Rose

    This Irish song, popular with brides to be in Irish Traditional Weddings, was written by Chancellor “Chauncey” Olcott, a song writer and American stage actor

    If you listen I’ll sing you a sweet little song
    Of a flower that’s now droped and dead,
    Yet dearer to me, yes than all of its mates,
    Though each holds aloft its proud head.
    Twas given to me by a girl that I know,
    Since we’ve met, faith I’ve known no repose.
    She is dearer by far than the world’s brightest star,
    And I call her my wild Irish Rose.

    My wild Irish Rose, the sweetest flower that grows.
    You may search everywhere, but none can compare with my wild Irish Rose.
    My wild Irish Rose, the dearest flower that grows,
    And some day for my sake, she may let me take the bloom from my wild Irish Rose.

    They may sing of their roses, which by other names,
    Would smell just as sweetly, they say.
    But I know that my Rose would never consent
    To have that sweet name taken away.
    Her glances are shy when e’er I pass by
    The bower where my true love grows,
    And my one wish has been that some day I may win
    The heart of my wild Irish Rose.

    My wild Irish Rose, the sweetest flower that grows.
    You may search everywhere, but none can compare with my wild Irish Rose.
    My wild Irish Rose, the dearest flower that grows,
    And some day for my sake, she may let me take the bloom from my wild Irish Rose.

  36. Meadow

    Spinning Wheel by Carmel Quinn

  37. Debbie Morgan

    Will You Go Lassie Go by The Clancy Brothers

  38. gk wallace

    Traditional, “Patrick McGinty’s Goat”. I remember one stanza,” Nora McCarty, the knot was going to tie, washed out all her falter, and hung them out to dry, along came the goat, and saw the bits of white, and chewed up all her falter there upon her wedding night. Now, all the ladies, who live in Killaloo, all wear a bustle like their mothers used to do, they each wear a bolster beneath their petticoat, and leave the rest to providence, and Patrick McGinty’s goat.”

  39. Mary3412

    I’ll Walk Beside You
    by Edward Lockton & Alan Murray

    We had this song at our wedding and it was perfect!

    Also, love Percy French – Come Back Paddy Reilly
    My mother used to sing us to sleep with this one!

    Philip Coulter’s – The Town I loved So Well
    is just a must have, beautiful song.

    Hope you get these on the site ..thanks M. Collins

  40. Bill Frambach

    I nominate “Grace” by Frank and Sean O’Meara.
    This haunting song memorializes the execution of Joseph Plunkett in Kilmainham Jail.
    The first verse begins:
    “As we gather in the chapel of old Kilmainham Jail,”

  41. Thomas Lane

    Another Irish Drinking Song by daVinci’s Notebook

  42. Mary3412

    Almost forgot that I have been looking for the piano arrangement of The Parting Glass” from the movie Waking Ned Devine….I know there are several arrangements out there but this one is by far the best….hope you can find!

  43. Mary Kate

    The Maid of Tramore – a traditional Irish Jig. Swift and lively – great piece for fiddlers – fun to play

  44. Pauline Horton

    Oops, meant “Donald, where’s your trousers” Traditional

  45. You don’t have sheet music for the Johnny Duhan song, The Voyage. Christy Moore performs the definitive version.

    It’s often requested for Weddings here as it’s all about life being a Voyage and love the boat which helps us navigate through the doldrums and the storms!

    I’ve worked out my own accompaniment, but I’d love to see what you’d come up with.

  46. Gary Sherrill

    NRBQ – It’s St. Patrick’s Day

  47. LaRae Croft-Price

    how about these songs:
    Yonder, Westwards, is the Road She Went (Neal, 1724)
    Girls, Have you Seen Georgie? (Edward Bunting, 1796)
    The Kerry Star (Trad, 19th Century)
    The Gorum (Trad. 19th Century)
    Catty McGee (Neal, 1724)
    Kitty McGee (Trad. 1750
    Billy from Bruff (Jack Sheedy 1849)
    The Pigot Jig (1840-50)

  48. Randi Babcock

    The Little Road to Kerry
    Composer: Charles W. Cadman

  49. Robin McCarty

    I would love to have a digital of “It’s the Irish in Me”, performed by Ruby Murray in the 1950s and composed by Jay Gorney, father of actress/dancer Karen Gorney. While it appears you have copies of it in book form, it appears no digital exists. Since I’m married to an Irish man, it would be fun to have a copy! Not only is this song the title track on Ruby’s album of the same name, it appears it was in a movie called “Jimmy and Sally” in 1933, as welll! It’s VERY pretty!

  50. I would like to recommend “The Devil and The Bailiff McGlynn”. A very nice Irish Folk Song. It’s a Traditional. There is also “Kitty of Coleraine”.

  51. Diane

    I’d love to see music for Carolina Rua performed by Mary Black and available in sheet music from her, also recorded by Celtic Woman

    Another great song:

    At the Mid hour of night- this is a traditional piece but there’s also a setting by Benjamin Britten

    Si do Mhameoi- traditional (not available in a voice/piano setting that I’m aware of and reasonably simple to transcribe)

    Codail a linbh- traditional

    Silent O’Moyle- traditional, words by Thomas Moore

    I’d love an arrangement of My Lagan Love. It’s a traditional song, so no need to go to Celtic Woman. The same goes for Nil s’en la :)

  52. Mark

    The Widow and the Devil- the artist i know who sings it is Empty Hats but I’ve heard others.

  53. Katie

    The song “At the Ceili” is one of my favorites. I think that Celtic Woman composed it.
    Another song is “The lost rose fantasia” by Celtic woman.

    Thank you.

  54. Gail

    How about the pub song “Lilly the Pink”.
    Current recording by The Sheridan Band
    Recorded in the late 60’s by The Scaffold

  55. Josh

    The greening of Belfast.
    Michael Card.

  56. Josh Phillips

    Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies – Traditional

  57. Zach Becker

    Fields of Atherny-dropkick murpheys version

  58. Allen Penhollow

    “Cockles And Mussels” by James Yorkson
    [Traditional ]

  59. Allen Penhollow

    “Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms”
    by Thomas Moore

  60. Allen Penhollow

    “Abroad As I Was Walking”

  61. James Welters

    Rakes of Mallow

    Gentle Maiden

    Famine Song (The Praties Grow So Small)

  62. Joan Adams

    “After All These Years” . Words and Music by: Coleman and Kennedy
    Sung by: Foster and Allen

    “Molly Darling”. Traditional
    Arranged by: Foster and Allen

    “Come Back Paddy Reilly To Bally James Duff”-Traditonal
    Arranged by: Foster and Allen

    “I Still Love You” – Traditional
    Arranged by: Foster and Allen

  63. Levi

    “Morning in Madrid” by Nightnoise

  64. Olivia Wolfe

    An Mhaighdean Mhara – Traditional

    Performers of this song include Clannad, Altan, The Chieftains, Orla Fallon, Feet Of Flames (Anne Buckley, Haley Griffiths), Aoife Ní Fhearraigh, Eileen Loughnane, and I’m sure there are more.

    This song was featured in the 1994 film “The Secret Of Roan Inish” (sung by Eileen Loughnane).

    There’s a really fascinating folktale behind this song; here is one short version: “An mhaighdean mhara” means the sea maiden or mermaid, who marries a mere mortal. The husband, knowing his wife cannot return to the sea without a crown she wore as a mermaid, hides it but he is left lamenting her when one of their offspring discovers it and his wife returns to the open sea from whence she came.

  65. Virginia Bivona

    “The Little Red Lark”
    Traditional Irish Folk Song

  66. Virginia Bivona

    “Branch Of The Sweet And Early Rose”
    from the Original Irish, by Dr. Drennan

  67. Patrick

    A song from the Wolfe Tones – “We’re On The One Road.”

  68. Myles Debski

    On Raglan Road by Patrick Kavanagh

    “One morning early I walked forth
    By the margin of Lough Leane
    The sunshine dressed the trees in green
    And summer bloomed again…”

  69. Teuvo Kanerva

    The Verdant braes of Skreen is a beautiful piece of music. However; in the version of Cara Dillon (accompanied only by a grand piano) it elevates to pure magic!
    A must-have in your library…

  70. Kathy Pad

    Title: That’s What Ireland Means To Me
    Music By: James F. Hanley
    Words By: Joe Goodwin
    Written in 1917

    this is a pretty song which I found in some old
    sheet music that was given to me a while back.

  71. Donald

    How about “Do you want your old lobby washed down?”

  72. Steven Elk

    Banks of the Roses by Leslie Nelson Byrnes done by the Dubliners , a traditional Irish love song

  73. Mallory

    “The Blood of Cuchulainn” – Mychael & Jeff Danna

  74. Irene Jorgensen

    “Grace” written by Sean and Frank O’Meara. Performed by The Dubliners and Anthony Kearns among others. Research the history of this song and every time you hear it you will be moved to tears.

  75. Jack Thompson

    Irish to Me – traditional – tune used for the song “The Bonny Blue Flag”

  76. Karen Lauterwasser

    “If There’d Never Been an Ireland” – known to me from the recording of a barbershop quartet called the Boston Common. As best I can determine, the composer is Fred Hillebrand and the arranger is Lou Perry; published by SPEBSQSA.

  77. ChelseaErin

    Galway Girl by Steve Earle

  78. Brian Sanderson

    An old Irish pub song:

    If you’re irish come into the parlor

  79. Sean Ryan

    Slievenamon , the song of Tipperary, is a great traditional song. Written by Charles Kickham.

  80. Jonathan Hall

    Well, here’s a couple from my music library that I couldn’t find at Musicnotes:

    – Cape Clear (Traditional)
    – The Drunken Sailor (Traditional)
    – Eamonn Coyne’s (Traditional)
    – Gallagher’s Frolics (Traditional)
    – Graemsay (Traditional)
    – The Gravel Walks (Traditional)
    – Langstrom’s Pony (Traditional)
    – Bonaparte Crossing The Alps (Traditional)
    – The Red Haired Boy (Traditional)
    – Old Joe’s (Traditional)
    – The Wheels Of The World (Traditional)
    – Rolling In The Ryegrass (Traditional)
    – Farewell To Erin (Traditional)

    As far as I know, these are all traditional tunes. Most (if not all) of them can be found at . Many of these have a variety of different titles, so if MN does have some of these, I’m sorry – I just looked them up under a different title.

    • Diana

      Those sound great. Need to add to my huge library. Thanks for posting those.

  81. “on Raglin Road” ..written by Patrick Kavanagh in 1946 who suggested that it be sung to the melody of “The Dawning of the Day”. Most Famous rendition is by Luke kelly from the Dubliners… it’ll cut through ya.. a lot of history about it on the national TV website archives ..with the Luke Kelly version.. Also have an interview with the “young lady” who inspired it in 1944… It’d be an interesting one to transcribe ..seems basic on the page ..

  82. Four Green Fields
    The composer is Tommy Makem. Many believe this song to be part of the traditional music of Ireland. However, at a concert with Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem, Liam made the point of telling us that Tommy had, indeed, written the song.

  83. Paul

    Spenser the Rover and
    Ebihli Ghail Chiuin Ni Chearbhail both by John Martyn

  84. October Winds
    Traditional Irish Lullaby
    Sung by The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.

  85. Hannah Stoppel

    Maid on the Shore, Traditional- Solas
    Nil Na La- Traditional- Solas
    Song of Lies- Karen Casey
    Brian Boru- Alan Stivell
    Ronan Og- Aoife Clancy

  86. Katie

    What’s left of the Flag- Flogging Molly
    Gold written by Fergus O’Farrell performed by Interference

  87. Marie Gogo

    There’s a really good one called “If It Weren’t For The Irish”. It has tons of lyrics, a sense of fun, and a good, lively tune.

    It was written for Take Me Out To The Ball Game (1947)

    Writers were Music: Harry Warren
    Lyrics: Ralph Blane

  88. Mary Lea Dowson

    Johnny Doughboy found a Rose in Ireland

    Words and Music by
    Kay Twomey and
    Al Goodhart
    Sung by Kenny Baker

  89. Brianne

    If I should Fall From Grace From God- The Pogues

    Great song

  90. Dave Thomas

    Black is the Colour (of my true loves hair)

    Christy Moore

    A beautiful ballad and lament.

  91. ralph

    Rocky road to Dublin-Luke Kelly and the Dubliners

  92. Tom Smith

    How about Rosin the Bow … a great fiddle piece!

    • “The Fox Chase” Traditional Irish Piece. Developed by Hyland/ from O’Farrell’s Pocket Companion for the Irish or Union Pipes

      This song was featured on the Movie Darby O’Gill And The Little People. It’s a classic. I used to watch it with my family growing up. There is a room full of leprechauns that go crazy doing an Irish Jig when Darby Plays this song on the fiddle for them. It’s a great Irish song. Look it up on Youtube. Enjoy! Peace,

  93. John

    I’m A Typical Irishman Connie Foley Traditional
    Only Her Rivers Run Free Wolf Tones Traditional
    Boys from the County Mayo Connie Foley Traditional

  94. Tom Smith

    I just thought of another my dad liked … Kevin Barry or “Shoot me Like an Irish Soldier, Do Not Hang me LIke a Dog”. Patriotic song

    The other , “Rosin the Beau” is traditional

  95. Donna Ruschell

    The Dutchman, sung by Liam Clancy of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. Liam died December 4, 2009 at the age of 74. It’s the best ballad ever sung by an Irishman.

  96. Trish

    How about “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” by Paul McCarney and Wings. That’s a great song !

  97. Tony Alvarez

    I noticed that you only have one song by the Cranberries (Linger) Since they are such a great source of energetic Irish power, I was surprised. Actually there whole catalog is great, but here are my suggestions:

    Just My Imagination – The Cranberries
    Ode To My Family – The Cranberries
    Zombie – The Cranberries
    Dreams – The Cranberries
    Salvation – The Cranberries
    When You’re Gone – The Cranberries
    Animal Instinct – The Cranberries
    Promises – The Cranberries
    Will You Remember – The Cranberries
    Joe – The Cranberries
    You And Me – The Cranberries
    I Can’t Be With You – The Cranberries
    The Icicle Melts – The Cranberries

  98. Marianne

    What about:

    Rory Og MacRory – trad.

    I won’t marry at all – trad.

  99. Clive Thomas

    a must traditional flut and pipe tune:
    the green Glens of antrim
    the star of county down

  100. Marie Gogo

    To Phil Woodford

    Here’s your song.

    “If You’re Irish Come Into The Parlor”
    written by Shaun Glenville & Frank Miller (1920)

    Verse One
    In sweet Limerick Town, they say
    Lived a chap named Patrick John Molloy
    Once he sailed to U.S.A.
    His luck in foreign parts he thought he’d try

    Now he’s made his name, and is a wealthy man
    He put a bit away for a rainy day
    So, if you gaze upon the house of Patrick John
    You’ll find a notice that goes on to say

    If you’re Irish come into the parlour
    There’s a welcome there for you
    If your name is Timothy or Pat
    So long as you come from Ireland
    There’s a welcome on the mat
    If you come from the Mountains of Mourne
    Or Killarney’s lakes so blue
    We’ll sing you a song and we’ll make a fuss Whoever you are you are one of us
    If you’re Irish, this is the place for you!

    Verse 2
    Patrick loved the girl he wed
    But he could not stand his Ma-in-law
    Once with joy he turned quite red
    When she got into trouble thro’ her jaw

    Six police they had to take her to the Court
    She was informed a month she would have to do
    So Patrick quickly wrote
    Up to the Judge a note explaining
    “Sir, I’m much obliged to you!”

    • Monica

      Thanks, Marie! There’s also a version by The Irish Rovers. We do have sheet music for If You’re Irish Come Into The Parlor on

  101. “High Tide” by Cara Dillon
    “Broken Bridges” by Cara Dillon
    “The Circle” by Wallis Bird
    “Blossoms in the Street” by Wallis Bird
    “Just Keep Going” by Wallis Bird
    “Count to Sleep” by Wallis Bird

  102. Corey Brady

    The green fields of france

  103. Hailey

    “Toss the Feathers” by the Corrs

  104. Hailey

    “Heaven Knows” by The Corrs

  105. Hailey

    “Forgiven Not Forgotten” by the Corrs

  106. Hailey

    “Breathless” by the Corrs

  107. simi

    Dublin Can Be Heaven, written by Leo Maguire

  108. Tom

    Grace by Sean and Frank O’Meara as sung by Anthony Kearns

  109. Bernadette Smith

    I have two Irish songs to suggest:

    1. “Peggy O’Neill” by Harry Pease, Edward Nelson, and Gilbert Dodge

    2. “I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls” by Michael William Balfe

  110. “None Can Love Like an Irishman” (traditional) – a favorite party song of Abraham Lincoln! Published by Goerge Routledge.

    “The Irish Girl” (traditional)

    “Will You Go, Lassie, Go?” (traditional)

    “No Irish Need Apply” (traditional)

  111. John Barns

    Now I’m Easy by Eric Bogle

  112. Murray

    I don’t mind Enya being on here, but I don’t think being Irish-born or Irish-residing makes the music Irish. Whereas Cara Dillon sings very traditional songs, Enya–and I may be wrong, not that ‘up’ on here–is more world/spiritual or something, no?

    And I am unclear if we’re talking here, Monica, of tablature or the sheet music. OK, it says ‘sheet music,’ but if “The Rights of Man” is only in notes and not tab, can I put that request in? Didn’t think so.

    How about “Mary and the Soldier,” as for example done by Paul Brady & Andy Irvine?

    • Monica

      Hi Murray, for the contest you are correct about the notation. However, you can always request other arrangements through our Song Suggestion Tool. We always take your requests into account, especially when we’re reviewing songs to create Guitar Guru Sessions for.

      Your song Mary and the Soldier qualifies for the contest. Good Luck!

  113. Brian A Evans

    How about “If There’d Never Been an Ireland”

  114. David

    On Ragland Road – The Dubliners

    A gorgeous Irish tale

  115. Gordon Steeves

    “May the good Lord bless and keep you always and may a wee leprechaun leap all over ye, and bless ye with luck and happiness” – me (Gordo)

    i got some :o)
    Galway Girl – Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle
    Galway Races – Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
    The Dubliners – Fields Of Athenry
    The Dubliners – Róisin The Bow
    The Dubliners – Whack Fol de Diddle
    Watch this video in a new windowIrish Drinking Song – Water is alright in Tay
    Whisky in the jar – Traditional
    The Dubliners-Dirty Old town
    The Dubliners-Rocky Road to Dublin
    The Dubliners-Raglan Road
    The Dubliners-Waterford Boys
    The Dubliners- Finnegan’s Wake
    The Dubliners- Dublin In The Rare Oul’ Times
    The Dubliners- The Patriot Game
    The Dubliners- Kitty Come Down From Limerick
    The Dubliners- Home Boys Home
    The Dubliners- I’m A Rover
    The Dubliners- Thirty Foot Trailer
    The Dubliners- Donegal Danny
    Sean Cannon – The banks of the roses
    The Dubliners – Newry Highway Man
    The Dubliners – Avondale
    The Dubliners – Air Fa La La Lo
    The Dubliners – 7 Drunken Nights
    The Dubliners – Three Lovely Lassies From Kimmage
    The Dubliners – Holy Ground

    Ok, guess that’s enough :o)

  116. Margaret

    Little town in the old County Down.

  117. Laura Dishong

    How about “I Saw From the Beach” by Thomas Moore (who also wrote Believe Me if all those Endearing Young Charms”)? “I Saw from the Beach” is an underappreciated gem!

  118. Judy

    Until the Next Time
    Daniel O’Donell

  119. Will

    “If I Ever Leave this World Alive” by Flogging Molly

    “Galway Girl” by Steve Earle

    “Medley: the Recruiting Sergeant / the Rocky Road to Dublin / Galway Races” by The Pogues

    “Sweet Thing” by Van Morrison

  120. Jolene Connelly

    “Bang on the Ear” by The Waterboys

  121. Anna

    Irish Heartbeat- Van Morrison with The Chieftans
    Rambling Irishman- De Dannan

  122. Anna

    The Keg of Brandy- Karan Casey’
    Morning Nightcap- The Merry Sisters of Fate

  123. I recommend one of my favorite Irish songs by the great Pete St. John – “Dublin in the Rare Times”

  124. Madison

    Leis An Lurgainn — Traditional (One version I know is performed by the Rankin Family)… I love that song!

  125. Lori Dahlin

    “Her Mantle So Green” – Sinead O’Connor

  126. Lori Dahlin

    “Up Among The Heather” – The Irish Rovers

  127. Louie Tracy Coates

    I am suggesting the song “The 12th of July (Lament for the Children).” It is sung by Cathie Ryan on the CD Holding Up Half the Sky. It is based on a 19th century poem by Irish cabinetmaker/poet John Frazier, and it was set to music by Sean Tyrrell. It is about Catholic and Protestant coming together to put aside differences and create a country:
    Let the orange lily be your badge, my patriot brother,
    It’s the everlasting green for me,
    And we for one another
    And we for one another.
    it is a beautiful and moving song, with vivid images of unity, to come together to build Ireland as a country.

  128. ymuir

    old irish song suggestion:
    “The Harp That Once Thru Tara’s Halls”
    Thomas Moore

  129. Kels Deb

    So some of these probably aren’t traditional, but I couldn’t find a composer for them…….

    Waterloo march – traditional

    Kesh Jig – Traditional

    The Three Sea Captains – Traditional

    O The Britches Full Of Stitches – Traditional

    Out on the Ocean – Traditional

    The Hundred Pipers – Traditional

    Kitty McGee – Traditional

    Little Burnt Potato – Traditional

    The Cuckold Comes Out of the Amery – From Master and

    Largo’s Fairy Dance – Nathaniel Gow

    Harvest Home Hornpipe – Traditional

    Carolan’s Concerto (Mrs. Power) – Turlough O’Carolan

    Old John’s Jig – Traditional

    Caughtman’s Rambles – Traditional

    Calliope House – Traditional

    McArthur Road – Traditional

    The Mason’s Apron – Traditional

    Nan’s Waltz – Pat Shuldam-Shaw

    In the Arms of My Love – Woody Paul

    St. Anne’s Reel – Traditional

    Crested Hen – Traditional

    Morrison’s Jig – Traditional

    Canadian Waltz – Traditional

    Essence of Sugar Cane – Traditional

    Neumudia – Traditional

    Soldiers’ Joy – Traditional

    The Tempest – Traditional

    Niagra Hornpipe – Traditional

    Favorite Hornpipe – Traditional

  130. Robert

    Step it out Mary – traditional. Lively, yet haunting. Several live performances available on YouTube.

  131. Lori Dahlin

    Song for the Mira – Anne Murray

  132. Lori Dahlin

    “Barrett’s Privateers” – The Irish Descendants

  133. jim grogan

    “the town that I loved so well” the dubliners

  134. Andrea

    I’d love to see “There Were Roses.” It’s written by Tommy Sands. I like the Cara Dillon version.


  135. Marie Gogo

    Bing Crosby’s “St. Patrick’s Day Parade” is a good lively one.

    Irish/American, I know but still good.

  136. mary-Anne Wadsworth

    The Singer Was Irish – C.W. Murphy & Harry Castling

    From an old Irish Album I found…….from the 1920’s

  137. Aine

    The Rose of Tralee
    Composers – Charles W. Glover & C. Mordaunt Spencer

  138. Jeff Wells

    Shule Aroon is a great tune

  139. “I hear you calling me” by John McCormack. My Dad used to sing it while shaving in the morning

  140. Jayne

    My Lovely Rose of Clare . . .a traditional Irish tune! And roses abound on the Emerald Isle!

  141. Ian Taylor

    No new suggestions, I’m afraid. BUT: the perennial “Irish” song sung all around the world, and especially in the USA, is “Danny Boy” (Londonderry air, or as an irishman would put it, “Derry”). This is one of the first Emerald Isle songs many people think of. And although the wors are a love song, it is almost always sung by men (frequently rather slurringly and tearfully)
    HOWEVER: the words were written by an English barrister, F.E.Weatherley KC, who at that time hadn’t even been to Ireland or the USA. He wrote a lot of other songs in between court cases, including “Roses of Picardy” and “The Holy City”.
    But he is recorded as owning a green tie.

  142. Lee Ann Maples

    A Fenian Song
    Donal O’Shaughnessy

  143. Lauren Durham

    “Come by the Hills” by W. Gordon Smith (Loreena McKennitt sings it best.)

  144. Anne Mullis

    “I Chose the Green” – traditional. an excellent commentary on social conditions in the era of the Easter Uprising….

  145. Joan

    How about: “Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose in Ireland” by Kay Twomey and Al Goodhart and performed by Kate Smith?

  146. Kate

    How about “When Irish Eyes Are Shining”?
    Great whimsical song!

  147. Adrian Pountney

    Black is the Colour – Traditional

  148. Rob Croskery

    St Patrick’s Breastplate, a MUST!!

  149. Diana Morgan

    The Broad Majestic Shannon
    by Shane MacGowan
    performed by the Pogues

  150. Tonya

    Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down ‘Traditional”

  151. Joann B

    How about ” The Unicorn” by the Irish Rovers???

    There were green alligators, and long-necked geese….. etc.

  152. Samuel Lawson

    “Road to Lisdoonvarna” – anonymous traditional

  153. Lynn Harper

    McBreen’s Heifer (Percy French)
    The Spanish Lady (trad.)
    St. Patrick Was a Gentleman (Bennet & Toleken)
    Buy Us A Drink (Irish Rovers)
    Four Green Fields (unknown)

    Simi suggested “Dublin Can Be Heaven”, written by Leo Maguire…the title of the song is “The Dublin Saunter” – it is available in a fake book – but there is no full arrangement available…

    The same is true for songs like “The Orange and the Green” and “The Merry Ploughboy”


  154. Brian Beattie

    “The Town I Love So Well” Phil Coulter, writer and singer

  155. Nancy Mahle

    How about MacNamara’s Band?
    That’s a lively Irish song!

  156. Lanetta L. Roy

    Dervish, sung by Calin Rua, This a very lively and pleasant piece of music. Can be danced to also. Picture a lady skipping and waving her dress from side to side and singing!!

  157. Mary Beth

    How about:

    All Praise to St. Patrick (Traditional)
    Eamonn a Chnuic (Traditional)
    Four Green Fields (Traditional)
    Only Our Rivers Run Free (Source unknown)

  158. Lanetta L. Roy

    More Irish songs:
    Alasdair Mhis Cholla Ghasda by Capercaillie
    Reel á Bouche by John McCutcheon
    Are Ye Sleepin’ Maggie by Dougie MacLean
    Don’t You Go by The New St. George
    Never Tire of the Road by Andy Irvine
    Weather Out the Storm by Figgy Duff
    The Mighty Sparrow by Sharon Shannon
    The Gaberlunzieman by Andy M Stewart
    King of the Blues by Déanta
    Cagaran Goalach by Mary Jane Lamond
    The Bonnie Banks O’Fordie by Old Blind Dogs
    This Eden by Fiona Joyce

  159. Gwyn Cleeves

    How about West Coast of Clare?? A haunting song of loss by Andy Irvine and performed by his band Planxty.

  160. Lanetta

    More Songs:
    Alasdair Mhic cholla Ghasda Capercaillie
    Reel a Bouche John Mc Cutcheon
    Are Ye Sleepin’ Maggie? Dougie MacLean
    Don’t You Go The New St. George
    Never Tire of the Road Andy Irvine
    Weather Out the Storm Figgy Duff
    The Mighty Sparrow Sharon Shannon
    The Gaverlunzieman Andy M. Stewart
    King of the Blues Deanta
    Cagaran Goalach Mary Jane Lamond
    The Bonnie Banks O’Fordie Old Blind Dogs
    This Eden Fiona Joyce

  161. Gwyn Cleeves

    Another suggestion is the Roy Orbison version of “Danny Boy. It has an intro and and outtro that is seldom used.

  162. Lanetta L. Roy

    Dervish by: Calin Rua
    Alasdair Mhic cholla Ghasda by: Capercaillie
    Reel a Bouche by: John Mc Cutcheon
    Are Ye Sleepin’ Maggie? by: Dougie MacLean
    Don’t You Go by: The New St. George
    Never Tire of the Road by: Andy Irvine
    Weather Out the Storm by: Figgy Duff
    The Mighty Sparrow by: Sharon Shannon
    The Gaverlunzieman by: Andy M. Stewart
    King of the Blues by: Deanta
    Cagaran Goalach by: Mary Jane Lamond
    The Bonnie Banks O’Fordie by: Old Blind Dogs
    This Eden by: Fiona Joyce

  163. Donna G

    A rare beauty called ‘Lovely Jimmy’ by Havelock Nelson. It’s just gorgeous although I think it may be out of print. It should be re-discovered though. I think Veronica Dunne recorded it some years ago.

  164. Kachina

    I love Loreena McKennitt!
    Here are some of my favorite songs by her; although, the list barely skims the surface.

    The Mummer’s Dance
    Dante’s Prayer
    The Highwayman
    The Bonny Swans
    Bushes and the Briars
    Raglan Road
    Never-Ending Road
    Stolen Child
    The Old Ways

  165. Loretta Layman

    “When I Was A Fair Maid” is a traditional Irish song sung by Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill on the album “Treasury of Irish Song.”

    When I was a fair maid about seventeen,
    I listed in the navy, for to serve the Queen.
    I listed in the navy, a sailor lad to stand.
    For to hear the cannons rattle and the music so grand,
    And the music so grand, and the music so grand,
    For to hear the cannons rattle and the music so grand.

    Well, the officer that listed me was a tall and handsome man.
    He said, “You’ll make a sailor, so come along, my man.”
    My waist being tall and slender, my fingers long and thin,
    Oh the very soon they learned me, I soon exceeded them,
    I soon exceeded them, I soon exceeded them,
    Oh the very soon they learned me, I soon exceeded them.

    Well, they sent me to bed and they sent me to bunk.
    To lie with a sailor, I never was afraid,
    But taking off my blue coat, it oft times made me smile
    For to think I was a sailor and a maiden all the while,
    And a maiden all the while, and a maiden all the while,
    For to think I was a sailor and a maiden all the while.

    Well, they sent me off to London for to guard the Tower,
    And I’m sure I might be there ’til my very dying hour,
    But a lady fell in love with me, I told her I was a maid.
    Oh, she went unto the captain and my secret she betrayed,
    My secret she betrayed, my secret she betrayed.
    Oh she went unto the captain and my secret she betrayed.

    Well, the captain, he came up to me and he asked if this was so.
    Oh I dare not, I dare not, I dare not say no.
    “It’s a pity we should lose you, such a sailor lad you made.
    It’s a pity we should lose you, such a handsome young maid,
    A handsome young maid, a handsome young maid.
    It’s a pity we should lose you, such a handsome young maid.”

    So it’s fare thee well, captain, you’ve been so kind to me,
    And likewise, my shipmates, I’m sorry to part with thee.
    But if ever the navy needs a lad, a sailor I’ll remain.
    I’ll put out my hat and feathers and I’ll run the rigging again,
    And I’ll run the rigging again, I’ll run the rigging again,
    I’ll put out my hat and feathers and I’ll run the rigging again.

  166. Aloysius

    Another Irish Drinking song by DaVinci’s Notebook.

  167. Billy Hawkins

    How about “From Clare To Here”?

  168. Billy Hawkins

    Nora Lee (published by Ossian Publications, Cork, Ireland

  169. Rosann

    How about a traditional Irish pub song
    “Do you want your old lobby washed down?”

    Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down
    Album: I Love Sing Along Irish Pub Favorites


    I’ve a nice little pub and a small bit of land
    And a place by the side of the sea
    And I care about no one because I believe
    That nobody cares about me
    My peace is destroyed and I’m fairly annoyed
    By a lassie who works in the town
    She sighs every day as she passes the way
    Do you want your old lobby washed down.

    Do you want your old lobby washed down, sunshine
    Do you want your old lobby washed down,
    She sighs every day as she passes the way
    Do you want your old lobby washed down.

    The landlord came by for the rent yesterday
    I told him no money I had
    Besides ’twasn’t fair to ask me to pay
    The times are so awfully bad
    He felt discontent at not getting the rent
    And he shook his big head in a frown
    Says he, I’ll take half, but says I, with a laugh,
    Do you want your old lobby washed down.


    Now the boys look so bashful when they go out courting
    They seem to look so very shy
    As to kiss a young maid, they seem half afraid
    But they would if they could on the sly
    But me I do things in a different way
    I don’t give a nod or a frown
    When I goes to court, I say, here goes for sport
    Do you want your old lobby washed down.


    • Rosann

      Sorry, I see Donald has already suggested that song. Still, it’s a fun song!

  170. Song: Dickens’ Dublin (The Palace)
    Artist: Loreena McKennitt

  171. Diane

    I can’t believe I missed this one:

    “Women of Ireland” or “Mná na h-Éireann” by Seán Ó Riada

    There is an arrangement for Flute in “James Galway- Phil Coulter Legends” that I would love to be able to download. I’d love a vocal version even more, but I’ll take what I can get.

    Harry’s Game would be another great addition to the library of downloads. It is printed in Celtic Woman’s Greatest Journey book and in the Galway book mentioned above.

  172. I would say “Ode to Whiskey,” which I have for the Irish whistle/flute, is a traditional song/tune that you have never heard, but is definitely a traditional Irish fiddle or flute tune.

    I think here we are not talking about “tunes from Irish performers” but rather traditional Irish folk music made at home for the tin whistle or other “Homely” instruments used by the common people. I mean, like things sung in a tavern or at a gathering. I have made a MIDI of “Ode to Whiskey” as a song, because I don’t have recordings of it, only a dittoed sheet with the fingerings for the recorder or tin whistle/flute adn the lyrics.

    More well-known songs include:
    “Young Rogers the Miller” was recorded at least once by Burl Ives and by the early group Pete Seeger was in, The Weavers.

    “Barb’ry Allen” is a traditional heartbreaker. Try listening to the Dolly Parton cover version. You will break down crying.

    “The Highwayman” has been set to music different times.

    I suppose you already have had mail about “Long Black Veil” (traditional–Joan Baez is the definitive version, but The Chieftains have recorded it, and so have many people) and “Whiskey in the Jar” (Chieftains again) and “The Wild Rover/The Unicorn” (also The Chieftains.) Those are all traditional tunes/songs.

    “Drink to me only with thine eyes” and “Believe me if all those endearing young charms” were in my mom’s OLD (antique) lesson books for organ and piano! But they’re probably not available today!

    “The Sailor’s Hornpipe” is also an Irish traditional tune! The “irish Jig” deal of the leprechaun is related to the hornpipe as a tune.

  173. Dawn

    You should add “The Glendalough Saint” (Traditional). It was recorded by the Dubliners and is very funny. I spent time in Glendalough and would love to perform this with my band but can’t quite remember it well enough to carry it off.

  174. Victoria

    Heart Like A Wheel- The Corrs

  175. Victoria

    Moorlough Shore- The Corrs

  176. Philip

    I’d like to suggest “My Donegal Shore” by Daniel O’Donnell

  177. Ciaran w

    i am a youth that’s inclined to ramble ( traditional) is a good one made popular by the irish folk singer Cara Dillon. Please can you put this one on sheet music because i love it and would like to perform it :)

  178. Bob Hitchen

    Coinleach Ghlas an Fhomhair – Clannad

    (a lot of other Clannad songs could be added also….)

  179. Sharon Johnson Lund

    I would suggest Why Me? by Linda Martin.

  180. Sharon Johnson Lund

    The Voice by Eimar Quinn

  181. Myra Slocum

    The Town I Loved so Well, Phil Coulter
    Kilgarry Mountain, traditional
    The Rising of the Moon, traditional

  182. Irish Songs:
    Maids When you’re young, never Wed an Old Man
    Phil the Fluter’s Ball
    Galway Bay
    She Moved through the Fair

  183. Denise Doucette

    Wearin’ of the Green (traditional)
    a lively tune; historical.

  184. Myra Slocum

    My Singing Bird, Thomas Moore

  185. susanne

    Jealous Heart Christy Hennessy

  186. Ed Deacy

    Song: DANCE WITH ME DAUGHTER OF MINE, by Andy Cooney

  187. Hannah J.

    “The Maid Who Sold Her Barley” by Deanta
    “The Briar & The Rose” by Niamh And The Loose Connections Parsons
    “An Páistín Fionn” by Niamh Parsons
    “The Flower of Magherally” by Altan
    “The Bantry Girl’s Lament” by Reeltime
    “The Benedy Glen” by Deanta
    ” Siúil a Rún” by Reeltime
    “The Lakes of Pontchartrain” by Deanta
    “Dúlamán” by Altan

  188. Peg McCarthy

    The Dear Irish Boy, Traditional

  189. Derek Reno

    The Gallant Hussar, Solas

  190. Derek Reno

    Mollai Na Gcuach Ni Chuilleanain, Solas

  191. Derek Reno

    My Dream of You, Solas

  192. Jeanie Roller

    Please enter “Bridget O’Flynn” as my Irsih lost song entry. I don;t know the author – I believe it is traditional. My mother used to sing it while she was cleaning our house.

  193. Derek Reno

    Eoin Bear’s Reel/Tune for Sharon/The Rossa Reel, Solas

  194. Derek Reno

    Sunday’s Waltz, Solas

  195. Derek Reno

    There is a Time, Solas

  196. Debra Courtright

    Look to the Rainbow, Finians Rainbow – E.Y. Harburg, Burton Lane

  197. Vicky

    Bridgit O’Malley – silly wizard

  198. Vicky

    The Maid Who Sold Her Barley- Déanta

  199. Katherine Tracy

    King of the Fairies, Traditional

  200. Vicky

    The Verdant Braes Of Skreen- Traditional

  201. Ian MacRae

    Whiskey on a Sunday, The Irish Rovers

  202. Ian MacRae

    The Orange and The Green, The Irish Rovers

  203. Mary3412

    How about any of the works of Turlough O’Carolan?1670-1738 Ireland’s true composer! You said long lost songs!

    His music predates even the traditional tunes…blinded by smallpox at 18, he took up harp and earned his living writing songs for patrons.

    My favorites are James Betagh
    Planxty Burke
    Planxty Drew
    Thomas Morres Jones or Bumper Squire Jones
    Squire Parsons
    Eleanor Plunkett
    Carolan’s Concerto
    Fanny Power
    Carolan’s cup
    Carolan’s Draught
    Carolan’s Farewell to music
    Carolan’s Quarrell with the Landlady
    Sheebeg and Sheemore

  204. Kathy

    How about the song
    Who Threw The Overalls in Mistress Murphy’s Chowder?

    I did not find that one on your digital list.

  205. Don Tacy

    Dennis Leary’s

    I’m an Ass-whole

  206. Don Tacy

    Dennis Leary’s

    Traditional Irish Drinking Song (We have no heads)

  207. Bernie Kilkelly

    Kevin Barry – a traditional rebel song

  208. Rocky Road to Dublin

    The words were written by D.K. Gavan, “The Galway Poet”, for the English music hall performer Harry Clifton (1824-1872), who popularised the song.

  209. Rusty Nicola

    An Daingean, William Coulter & Benjamin Verdery

  210. Loretta Shellman

    “Don’t Linger Too Long In The Outhouse”

    This is fun even though I am only a little bit Irish and that is Scotch-Irish at that.

  211. Linda Yandell

    I would like to bring back Dusty Bobs Jig
    This is a traditional irish piece
    Performer: Many jamming groups

  212. Robert Simpson

    My Lagan Love, Charlotte Church

  213. Dentrh

    Isn’t It Grand Boys, Tommy Makem and the Clancey Brothers

  214. Lisa Murray

    I would like to suggest Saint Anne’s Reel, Traditional Irish reel.

  215. Bobbye Kuhlman

    Suggested songs:
    These are long lost and/or unheard local songs I am suggesting – I do not believe any of them are on you digital lists, but some may have been published in one or more of the books on your suggested lists.

    Three flowers – sung by John McCloskey from Emerald Music
    The Old House, sung by Cathal McCann from Emerald Music
    Bandry Bay – John McCloskey from Emerald Music
    The bard of Ammagh -Leo McCaffrey by Emerald Music
    Gort Na Mona – Cathal McCann by Emeald Music
    The Old Rigadoon – John McCloskey – Emerald Music
    Mary of Dungloe – Cathal McCann – ” ”
    Noreen Bawn – Roly Daniels – ” ”
    My Lagan Love – John McCloskey – ” ”
    Will the Angels Play their Harps – Brian Golby – ” ”
    Bless this House = Josef Locke – Boosey Hawkes Music

  216. Cathy Carroll

    Wait for Me by Martin O’Malley

  217. Pat

    Moonlight In Mayo – performed by Bridie Gallagher
    Four Green Fields – Makem
    The Wind that Shakes the Corn – Performed by the Irish

  218. Rick Schara

    A Night In Summer Long Ago, by Mark Knopfler.

  219. Jane Says

    How about something political?
    Come out you Black and Tans by the Wolftones (trad.)
    Black Boys on Mopeds (Sinead Oconnor)

    or anything by Christy Moore or Luca Bloom (sp?)

    or something from the Four of Us, the Fat Lady Sings,
    the Stunning…..

  220. amy

    The Water is Wide, Carrigfergus, or Red is the Rose -all traditional songs.

  221. Cosmo Sinserella

    Chistmas In Killarney written by John Redmond, James Cavanaugh and Frank Weldon. © 1960 Performed by many artists including Bing Crosby on his album White Christmas

  222. Mary Umbarger

    One of the most beautiful Irish air I know is
    “For Ireland I’ll Not Say Her Name” Althought traditional it is said to have been written byFinn O Scannail of Kerry. The lyrics were supposedly written by a preacher who fell in love with his brother’s wife and would/could not say her name for all of Ireland.
    Recorded by :
    Kings Men
    Leim Clancy

  223. Richard Pontrelli

    traditional – “Only Our Rivers Run Free”
    Performed by Wolf Tones amongst others.

  224. Chris O'Connor

    When New York Was Irish by Terry Winch
    Performed by Celtic Thunder

  225. Keefer Pollard

    The Night the Goat Broke Loose on Grand Parade
    which I believe is traditional bu currently sung by the Irish Weavers.

    Hooley Down at Hannigan’s which I also believe is traditional, but the only place I have heard it is the Singing Pub in Killarney.

  226. Kathy Pad

    Here is a nice waltz:

    Kitty of Coleraine

    You don’t have that on digital I just looked

  227. Kathy Pad

    How about

    Kathleen Mavoureen another waltz

  228. kathypad

    Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?
    this is a swing number

  229. sicily

    At the Banks of the Roses- performed by Dance of the Celts -traditional

  230. Toni

    I’d like to suggest Bonny Portmore by Loreena McKennitt.

  231. Niklas

    Lily the Pink by The Irish Rovers

  232. Niklas

    Unicorn also by the Irish Rovers. My sister’s favorite!

    • Niklas

      Unicorn by the Irish Rovers was written by Shel Silverstein

  233. Jacob Murray

    How Can You Buy Killarney

  234. Deanne

    Four Green Fields by Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers, a great 60’s Irish protest song

  235. Patrick

    Clancy Lowered The Boom by Dennis Day. It’s a fun song.

  236. Pat

    How bout Typical Irishman by Leo McCaffrey

  237. Fiona Walsh


    Last year i looked everywhere for Hail Glorious St. Patrick, the traditional song for St. Paddys day and couldn’t find it online anywhere – its really the St. Patricks Day anthem, so it should be available, I would particularly like to see a brass band arrangement as we need it for our town parade in Ennis:)

  238. Beverley Hughes

    That Old Irish Mother of Mine
    The Little Blue Man

  239. Anita Barbee

    Two suggestions
    Dream Girl O’Mine by Chauncey Olcott
    That’s An Irish Lullaby by J.R. Shannon

  240. JoAnn

    White Wings by Banks Winter

  241. Dawn Williamson

    Katey’s Letter by Lady Dufferin, was sung by Bing Crosby…, or how about The Low Back’d Car by Samuel Lover, sung by Bing Crosby. Both are traditional Irish songs.

  242. Tess

    West Coast of Clare—traditional, sung by Niamh Parsons

  243. Tess

    Matt Hyland…traditional from the North of Ireland, arranged & performed by Andy M Stewart

  244. Elizabeth Ulloa

    Bold O’Donaghue

  245. Tyrobark

    What about the traditional, I’m A Rover And Seldom Sober

  246. Picili

    Song for Ireland

    Mary Black

  247. Bruce Gray

    Here’s a few. How about “My Land” (Irish Traditional), “Sruleen Park” (Terry Tully, I think), “Bog Down in the Valley-O” (Irish Traditional), “Dawning of the Day” (Irish Traditional), “Kelly the Boy from Killane” (McCall 1899). “With Me Shillelagh Under Me Arm” (Irish Traditional), and “Sean South of Garry Owen” (Irish Traditional).

  248. Beverly

    Dirty Old Town traditional

  249. Patrice Kidd

    “Two Shillelagh O’ Sullivan ” recorded by Bing Crosby–a very funny song with a wee bit of Irish tall-tale included.

  250. Patsy McNaughton

    O’Brien is Tryin to Learn to Talk Hawaiian
    Words- Al Dublin
    Music – Rennie J. Cormack. 1914.

    1917 recording – Horace Wright

  251. Catherine Bentley

    I would like to suggest “Terence’s Farewell” – a traditional Irish song.

  252. Dorene

    O Lad So Young and Gentle Thee

    Very old…Traditional

  253. Jim

    The Otter’s Nest – traditional

  254. Ann

    The Green Fields of Canada (trad., as performed by Planxty) doesn’t sound Irish, but it’s about leaving Ireland. It has a beautiful, haunting melody.

  255. Jim Kason

    I’d like to suggest two great old Irish songs:
    The first,…..a popular WW ll song, made famous by Dennis Day, “Rose O’Day”.
    The second,…..”Barney O’Flynn” from “Victor Herbert’s “Babes in Toyland”.
    P.S. There is one other, called “Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow”, (which was based on an old18th Century ballad by Thomas Moore’s, “It Was On A Sunday Morning ), but with New lyrics and arrangement by Roger Edens, and sung by Judy Garland in “Little Nellie Kelly”.

  256. Audrey

    I would like to suggest The Lowlander I do not have the artist only the words of the song. The first line is Fair is the lowland and dearest to me,
    I play for a Village Choir and they like to sing all the “oldie pieces” and sometimes it is hard to find digital sheet music for them.

  257. Lorren

    Hills of Ireland – Traditional

  258. Cindy

    I would like to suggest “Walking in the Air” (Snowman). It’s a beautiful Irish song and easy to sing.

  259. Chris

    Rory og MacRory – Traditional

  260. Wanda

    The Dark Island – traditional

    and this one may not be strictly Irish, but …
    No Man’s Land – Eric Bogle

  261. larry warden

    I have sung “my mother and father are Irish”
    a traditional song,

  262. Elke

    I’d like to suggest “Three Sea Captains” – traditional

  263. kitty

    An Irish Blessing – traditional by Michael Nuss

  264. Judy Hartwig

    St. Patrick Was a Gentleman – Folk Song from Ireland
    Nice lyrics, nice scalar melody.

  265. Becky Askey

    Matt Hyland-traditional

  266. James Kason

    Here are two songs by George M. Cohan that should be popular ! :
    1. “Nellie Kelly, I Love You”
    2. “Nellie Is A Darlin”
    A couple that were sung in films:
    3. “How Can They Tell That I’m Irish?” (an old vaudeville tune used in the film Shine on Harvest Moon.
    4. “Molly O’Donohue” by Jerome Kern, sung by Phil
    Regan in “Sweet Adeline”
    5. “”Bless You, Darlin’ Mother” and “Laughing Irish Eyes”
    (from the film of the same name) by Stept and Mitchell, sung by Phil Regan.

  267. James Kason

    Chauncey Olcott was one of the most famous of the early 2oth Century Irish/American performers and composers !
    Here are a few of the songs he wrote or sang, that were sung
    by Dennis Morgan in the film based on Olcott’s life, “My Wild Irish Rose”:
    1. “Hush-A-Bye, Wee Rose of Killarney”
    2. “My Nellie’s Blue Eyes”
    3. “One Little, Sweet Little Girl”
    4. “How many Miles To Dublin Town”
    5. “Sweet Inniscarra”

  268. linda o'brien

    the old house
    lonely i wandered through scenes of my childhood
    they bring back to memory those happy days of yor…

  269. Helen Gosnell

    martha, the flower of sweet strabane

  270. Helen Gosnell

    Kean O’hara/ O’hara’s Cup by Turlough O’Carolan

  271. Helen Gosnell

    The Exile of Erin, traditional
    My Lagan Love, traditional

  272. Libby

    Biddy Mulligan, Traditional
    bright, lively and very Irish

  273. Demarest

    1.Wearin’ O the Green- Traditional Irish

    2. Bold O’Donaghue–The Blarney Lads

    3.Scarce O’Tatties-Lyndhurst

    4.Crooked Jack-Creek Nickel

    5.Poor Paddy works on the Railways- The Pogues

    6.I’m a Rover-Great Big Sea

    7.Cod Liver Oil-Waxies dargle

    8.A Little Bit of Irish-Bing Crosby

    9.Gypsy Rover-Leo Maguire

    10.Ramblin’ Irishman-Andy M. Stewart.

  274. Carly

    Biddy Mulligan (The Pride of Coombe) composed by Seamus Kavanagh

    Four Green Fields by Tommy Makem

    Planxty Irwin by Turlough O’Carolan and also (same tune) O’Carolan’s Tribute performed by the Furey Brothers and Davie Arthurs

  275. Ismael

    Musical Priest Traditional

  276. Lisa Rock

    The Birth of Saint Patrick by Samuel Lover

  277. Melissa

    The Green Glens Of Antrim

  278. Willem Benjaminse

    I’d love to have the sheet music of ‘Scorn not his simplicity’ for piano and voice, as performed by Sinead O’Connor

    Looking forward to you reaction,

    best regards,
    Willem Benjaminse

  279. Monica

    Thank you for your entries, the contest closed on February 28th, 2010 so that we would have time to arrange the sheet music for the contest winners.

  280. Lina Mayfleet

    “Granuaile’s Dance”

  281. emi lafon

    the 3 movement of Planxty Kelly music

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