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Lights, Camera, Sheet Music! Play Academy Awards Best Song Nominees

The red carpet is rolled out, the statues are polished, the performers are booked and our ‘Gravity‘ and ‘The Book Thief‘ sheet music is at-the-ready. I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to curl up with a mug of cocoa (its still harshly arctic here in Wisconsin) tomorrow night and celebrate recent big-screen thespian and melodic pursuits. In preparation for the main event, we’ve culled some  Academy Awards Best Song trivia. Take our Best Song challenge at the end to test your motion picture musical knowledge!

music for a rainy night

Slow Jazz Songs for a Rainy Night

Most people don’t like rain, but you’ve gotta admit: it creates a certain mood. Jazz also creates a certain mood. Put them together and what have you got? A time-machine back to the 1960s, and a ticket to becoming a lounge singer in a slinky dress, or a down-on-his-luck private investigator, or seeing Oscar Peterson perform live! Here, you’ll find a couple of our favorite slow jazz songs to help teleport you back in time. If you’re really committed to completing the transformation, put on Rainy Mood in the background and pour your favorite drink to enjoy while listening to, or even playing, these tunes!

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Play the Castaway in our Desert Island of Sheet Music.

Looking out my office window into the snowy Wisconsin landscape, enduring yet another day of sub-zero high temps, I begin daydreaming about transporting from this bitter (albeit beautiful) climate to a place of sand, surf and a superb portfolio of sheet music. So goes a similar scene on the classic BBC Radio 4 program “Desert Island Discs,” only each week’s ‘castaway’ is to choose eight recordings of music (gramophones when the show first broadcast on January 27, 1942). Host and guest then discuss the list, playing excerpts of the songs and explaining why they were included. The tools with which to listen to your choices would be provided upon arrival
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What’s In an Anthem? Get Ready for the Sochi Olympics with National Anthem Sheet Music!

Uganda’s is the shortest at 8 bars, while Uruguay’s is one of the longest at 105. Austria’s “Bundeshymne” has been dubiously attributed to Mozart,  and Haydn’s work is the anthem of Germany (although “Einigkeit Und Recht Und Freiheit” has only been officially so since 1922). As the world turns its attention on Sochi, we can look forward to hearing a spectrum of national anthems in the coming weeks. With 15 sports forming 98 events, there are nearly 100 opportunities to musically salute the gold medal winner’s native flag. And there’s little doubt home-based Olympics celebrations, no matter where on the globe that happens to land, will feature patriotic songs of
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Scott Joplin and Free “Stoptime Rag” Sheet Music

Scott Joplin is an American songwriter who was born in the late 1860s who wrote over forty compositions, including two operas and a ballet. Most of these compositions were written in a musical style known as “ragtime.” Ragtime, which is also referred to as “ragged time,” surged in popularity during the late 1890s and remained a favorite style of music until the early 1920s. Joplin often referred to himself as the “King of Ragtime.” Many consider Joplin’s best-selling composition of Maple Leaf Rag as one of the songs that defined ragtime as a musical style. Ragtime’s importance as a musical genre can be seen through its influence on early jazz.
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Celebrate the Seventieth Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz with sheet music!

Based on a book entitled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, the stunning musical The Wizard of Oz was produced seventy years ago today. Historically, the 1939 movie production starring Judy Garland, Frank Morgan and Ray Bolger is considered one of the greatest films of all time and has inspired musicals like The Wiz and Wicked. Both the film production and the musical soundtrack have a rich history filled with interesting trivia. Did you know that the Tin Man’s makeup was toxic? Or how about the fact that Shirley Temple was also considered for the lead of Dorothy? is thrilled to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of
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Mark the Anniversary of WWII with Music

Today marks the seventieth anniversary of the beginning of World War II. Even though the 1940s were a tragic time in the world’s history, this was also a very important period for music, too. Popular songs were used to boost morale and entertain troops, but they were also written to fill the hearts of those waiting at home as well. Performed by big bands, orchestras and solo artists, there are many memorable songs from the 1940s that continue to resonate through the years. For example, there are quite a few songs from the Irving Berlin sheet music repertoire from this period, as well as several more from the collection of
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Download “(I’ll be With You) In Apple Blossom Time” for Free!

Composed by Fleeson and Von Tilzer, this song was first performed in the 1920s. (I’ll be With You) In Apple Blossom Time is a perfect wedding song for Spring. Our piano sheet music version contains a full set of lyrics with a voice solo line. The guitar tab version of the song primarily focuses on the main chorus of the song, and is great for beginning guitarists. Although this song originated in the 1920s, the most popular version was performed by “The Andrews Sisters” during WWII. The song has been recorded by a number of artists ncluding Nat King Cole, Barry Manilow, The Platters, Jo Stafford, Wayne Newton and several
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Read about the Song History behind “Monster Mash” is proud to feature an article about the song “Monster Mash.” This brilliantly-written article has been brought to you by the HFA, and has been reprinted with permission. For more about the HFA, be sure to visit the HFA website. Behind the Song: “Monster Mash” – Bobby “Boris” Pickett and Lenny Capizzi Written by David Schneider, HFA Publisher Services Agent For almost 50 years, as Halloween season rolls around, a quirky, infectious tune starts pulsating through sound-systems across the country. “Monster Mash” first topped the charts on October 20, 1962, and it has remained a favorite ever since. The enduring appeal of the song can be attributed not only
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