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Inspire, Encourage and Reward Beginning Pianists with New Beginner Notes Music

As we approach the circular drive my stomach starts knotting up, and I question my preparedness. We pull up to the ranch-style home,  paint-peeled decorative trim framing the large sun-catcher-filled bay window,  leading my eyes to the well-worn upright Mason & Hamlin inside. I say goodbye to my dad, tuck my loose sheets into my lesson book, jump from the truck and nervously head to the door, ringing the bell reluctantly. Mrs. Bindley is already waiting on the other side. Opening the door, she offers me a grandmotherly smile, I breathe in the lemony Pine-Sol and rich cookie-scented air, and I’m instantly at ease, ready and eager to make music.
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What’s In an Anthem? Get Ready for the Sochi Olympics with National Anthem Sheet Music!

Uganda’s is the shortest at 8 bars, while Uruguay’s is one of the longest at 105. Austria’s “Bundeshymne” has been dubiously attributed to Mozart,  and Haydn’s work is the anthem of Germany (although “Einigkeit Und Recht Und Freiheit” has only been officially so since 1922). As the world turns its attention on Sochi, we can look forward to hearing a spectrum of national anthems in the coming weeks. With 15 sports forming 98 events, there are nearly 100 opportunities to musically salute the gold medal winner’s native flag. And there’s little doubt home-based Olympics celebrations, no matter where on the globe that happens to land, will feature patriotic songs of
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How to Travel With Musical Instruments

Scarier even than Snakes on a Plane are instruments on a plane, or anywhere else where you can’t see them or take care of them yourself. Maybe you’ve never had to travel with your instrument before, but even if you haven’t, you can still imagine just how sucky it would be to have your instrument break while in transit. (FYI: It’s really sucky.) I mean, you obviously need it; that’s why you brought it with you 50 or 100 or even 1,000 miles from home. And now it’s busted, and you have to fix it before that gig or audition or what-have-you. Let’s avoid all that entirely by following these steps:

"Stay" sheet music

News: Rihanna, Pink Songs Most Likely to be Seen on a Music Stand in 2013

MADISON, WI – February 4, 2014 – The smash hits “Stay” by Rihanna and “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink were the top choices for musicians to play in 2013, according to, the world’s leading sheet music e-retailer and publisher. Those songs ranked #1 and #2 respectively on the Top Ten List compiled by the company, which offers nearly 250,000 pieces of digital sheet music and guitar tablature. also released its Top 100 List of downloaded sheet music for 2013, comprising tunes that dominated the pop charts this past year as well as perennial favorites and everything in between.

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Three Secret Skills Musicians (Probably) Didn’t Know They Even Had

Disclaimer: No, you can’t shoot lasers out of your eyes or stretch your limbs super long or fly. Obviously as a musician, you’ve gained a lot of experience. You know how to care for your instrument well, how to read and interpret music, and how to perform. But there are a few other skills you might have picked up along the way and not even known about it, and these skills can definitely be applied outside of just the musical realm. Try your hand at one of these activities, and you might be surprised at how easily they come to you!


Top 10 Love Songs for Valentine’s Day!

Are you feeling the pressure yet? Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and those of you struggling to find a gift or special song to play are going to be very relieved. I’ve put together a list of Top 10 Love Songs for Valentine’s Day this year, just for you! These songs are based on what has been popular at Musicnotes, and are not in any particular order. I’ve also included a few more fun, upbeat tunes, so your Valentine’s Day play list isn’t made up of just slow, soulful songs. (Having fun and dancing around can be romantic too!) Check out the list below!

Welcome to the Musicnotes Blog

Keeping You In Tune with Musicnotes News

Hi there, It’s been a while! We took a bit of a break from updating our blog to focus on implementing some exciting changes and adding new functions to I and the MN team look forward to exploring them with you and getting your feedback right here in the coming months. As you can tell, we’ve given our blog page a mini-makeover and hope you find it easy to peruse and valuable to read. Actually, we want you to think of this site as even more than just a source for Musicnotes tech updates and company news (although you’ll most certainly be the first to know about both). We
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New Feature: Browse All Arrangements of a Song

As a musician, you know not every arrangement is the right one for your particular needs. Perhaps you need a song arranged for a particular instrument, as performed by a certain artist, or in a specific notation like tab or leadsheet format, etc. With all these different possible iterations of a song, finding the right one in our search results can be a rather involved task. Sure, the categories on the left side of search results are useful for helping to narrow things down, as are the descriptions in the search results and the instant previews of the sheet music, but even then it can be difficult to find the
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News: Sheet Music Download Sales Increase 25% at In 2010

MADISON, WI – January 18, 2011 –, the leading digital sheet music retailer and publisher, announced today sales of digital sheet music at its online store grew 25% in 2010, accelerating from the 21% growth recorded in 2009 and exceeding $10 million in yearly sales for the first time. “Musicnotes added great content in 2010 – both new song releases as well as back catalog – and made marked improvements to the customer shopping experience, resulting in a solid increase in our conversion rate,” stated Musicnotes Chairman, Tim Reiland. “We are expecting further conversion gains in 2011 as we introduce significant site enhancements currently in development.” Other important developments
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